Have You Ever Wondered About The President’s Salary

What is the president’s salary, does this question revolve in your head sometimes? Are you also curious about how the president’s life is different from ours? Here is the answer to all your questions.

As we all know, the president is the head of a country and manages almost everything that is going on in his/her country. President is elected by the people in elections. As the president is a very important and prestigious person for the whole country, the president is given much security and care for well being.

The president has a lot in his/her schedule. The president visits many places and makes many visits to different events in order to take a look at what is going on in the whole country. Whenever there is an awareness event in any state, the president is invited as an honourable person so that the president’s presence attracts more people towards the event.  

Now, as a common person, you might also have some questions about the president’s lifestyle like, how does the president spend his/her free time? What is the president’s salary? What might be the daily routine of the president? And much more these types of questions may revolve in your head. But do not worry because we are here to clear all your confusion at once.

President’s Salary

When talking about the president’s salary, it is decided by congress under article 2, section 1, clause 7. If we look upon the early years salary of the president and compare the current salary of the president, there is a big change. Now the president’s salary is much more increased than it was earlier. 

The president is given salary in different aspects like a particular amount of the salary is fixed, then some additional expenses are also given to the president, these expenses can be related to security, medical, etc. It is like this because the president’s only source of income is his/her presidency. 

To be exact with the numbers of the president’s salary, the annual salary of the president is 4,00,000$. Other than this, the president is also given 50,000$ for expense allowance, 1,00,000$ for nontaxable travel and 19,000$ for entertainment. 

Here is the exact amount of salary the president receives in a year. If there are any changes to be made in the salary of the president then they are made when the new president is elected. The changes can not be made in between the presidency. These changes are always made and managed by congress.  

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