International System Of State Abbreviations

Do you know what state abbreviation is MN? Want to know the things you can do in Minnesota? Here is everything about why you should visit Minnesota. Fun things to do in Minnesota.

As we all know, there are many states in America. So sometimes, writing the complete names of the states can be a little time-consuming. This is why states of America are given abbreviations. These abbreviations go like AL, MN, MO, MS, MT, etc. 

This is the international system in which every state has a two-letter state abbreviation. The whole country follows this. These abbreviations are easy to memorize, and they save time; these abbreviations are used in various events. 

Now, you might think, what state abbreviation is MN? Or what state abbreviation is AL? Etc. The state abbreviation AL stands for Alabama, and the state abbreviation MN stands for Minnesota and so on. 

The first letter of the state and the middle letter of the state are joined together to make an abbreviation of that particular state. This is why it is easy to learn, as they are the two letters that are present in the name of the state. 

More About MN

So, now you know that MN stands for Minnesota, which is a midwestern state of America. Minnesota is located at the border of Canada. 

Minnesota is known for its beautiful nature. Minnesota has a breathtaking view of nature. This is the reason why Minnesota attracts many people towards it. 

Minnesota is also known as the land of lakes, as there are around 10,000 beautiful lakes present in Minnesota. In addition, the famous Mississippi river is in Minnesota. Minneapolis is a city in Minnesota which forms the twin city with the capital of St. Paul. 

Tourists Attractions In Minnesota 

There are many tourists attractions in Minnesota; some of them are discussed below:

Water Sports

As Minnesota has nearly 10,000 lakes, you can say it is the land of water sports. You can enjoy many water sports in Minnesota, be it surfing, boating, jet skiing, etc. 

There are experts; you can select your desired water sport and tell them the one you want to try. They will tell you the rules and be there with you while you are performing the water sport. 

You will enjoy your time to the fullest, so you should give it a try. 


You can enjoy playing golf in Minnesota. There are golf courses where you can sign up and play 

golf. The weather in Minnesota is amazing, which will add more spice to your golf play as you will enjoy the golf as well as the weather. 

Fishing And Hunting

As there are many lakes in Minnesota, it automatically becomes a land of fishing. You can enjoy fish hunting in many Minnesota lakes. A boat operated by the fisherman will take you further into the lake, where the density of the fish is more. 

The boat rests there, and you can enjoy your fishing. You will get to learn many new things when you go fishing. The fisherman will tell you the tips and tricks of fishing and how to do fishing the right way.