How To Clean Samsung Washing Machine Frontloader?

Is your Samsung washing machine frontloader giving you a hard time breathing the bad odor? Here's how to clean the Samsung washing machine frontloader!

The front loader washing machines from Samsung can be a real advantage in today’s fast-paced world. With various machine advantages, tag along with a few extra chores, especially when it needs a thorough cleaning. Unfortunately, the screening can come accompanied by a very bad odor getting released by your washing machine. This problem can be tackled with the use of proper methods on how to clean Samsung washing machine front loader

Various prevention tips and cleaning measures can again bring the machine back to the necessary cleaning procedure. Through this blog, we will use various cleaning methods for interiors as well as exteriors of the Samsung washing machine frontloader and why they need a thorough check.

Yes! We will, through this blog, try to understand various reasons for the bad smell and understand the treatment the washing machine might require. We will also see a few preventive measures that are necessary for keeping the washing machine from getting spoiled.

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Why a Front-load Samsung Washing Machine?

Below are some of the reasons people usually choose front loader washing machines:

  • Saves energy

Front-load washing machines have the capacity to wash large numbers of clothes with water as cold as 15 degrees celsius. This provides the benefit of saving energy. 

  • Commendable capacity to remove a stain

The bubbles of technology that comes with Samsung front loader washing machines is efficient in making the clothes lose unwanted stains. 

  • Extremely Durable

This machine comes with Digital Inverter Motor; therefore, it uses energy efficiently and comes with the durability of about 20 years.

How to know when your machine needs cleaning? 

You know that your machine needs cleaning when you can catch up on the bad smell that comes around your washer. Yes, the washers are specifically designed to drain out a major part of the dirt, hairs, and soap remains in the washer; there are still some amount of these remains that are left behind. These remains inevitable are left in the washer when the laundry detergent is used excessively. 

The washer tends to have a warm and moist environment. Therefore it is very easy for mold to grow, which results in an unpleasant smell from the washing machine. If you do not regularly clean the Samsung front loader, the walls in the interior of the machine, the gasket, and the filter are most likely to accumulate these remains, resulting in a bad odor. 

Methods to clean

Bringing to use the Self Clean cycle of the machine

Use the below steps for facilitating proper use of the self-clean cycle:

  • Before beginning with the self-clean cycle, you should make sure that the washer tab is free of water or moisture. Thus it needs to be completely dried out.
  • Using chlorine bleach in the liquid form instead of the common laundry detergent to fill it up to the mark. 
  • The next step is to close the washer door and press the button, indicating a self-clean cycle.
  • After the cycle is complete, you can use a soft cotton cloth to wipe the washer tub off thoroughly.
  • Any remaining residue can be taken care of by using rinse and a few spins.
  • Repeat the process until the washer is complete cleaning of the mold in the washer. The door opening will help the washer air dry.  

Getting the filter in the washer cleaned 

Follow the steps below,

  • In the bottom right corner of the washing machine, you are provided with easy access to the filter. Start by opening the panel.
  • A towel will help you a lot in being in control when it comes to the drain hose.
  • Twisting off the cap on the drain hose allows any remains of water to leave the washer.
  • A counterclockwise twist will be enough to remove the filter.
  • A toothbrush will come in handy to remove dirt from the filter. 
  • Put everything back to place.

Cleaning the gasket

Follow these steps,

  • Peel the gasket off of the washer to clearly see the insides.
  • If you find any objects inside the war gasket, remove them. This is an important part of how to clean Samsung washing machine front loader.
  • Use soap or commercial mildew cleaner to get rid of any present in the interior. 
  • Later wipe all of it, using a clean cloth.
  • Any persistent stain can be removed using a toothbrush and 10% bleach solution. 

Preventing the odor

These are a few techniques that you can apply to your washer that will prevent the washer from catching a bad odor. They are:

  • As soon as you are done completing a water cycle, make sure to get the washer free from the clothes. This doesn’t give any room for moisture being created. 
  • Do not promote mildew growth inside your washer by adding excessive detergent. 
  • Allow the washer to dry through the air by keeping the door to the washer open.