How Many White Rhinos Are Left In The World?

Isn't nature the most wonderful thing? And what is nature without the remarkable animals of the earth? But creatures like white rhinos are in trouble and close to dying. So if you are someone interested in endangered species or a person who wants to know how many white rhinos are still left in this world, then this is the article for you.

As gorgeous and big as rhinos are, you will be unhappy and surprised to know that there are only two white rhinos left on this planet in the year 2021. Both of the rhinos that are active are female. One of them is old and is the mother. The second one is younger and is the daughter of the old one.

The second rhino papa was Sudan. He was tough and was the last male alive in his species. Unfortunately, Sudan perished in the year 2018 because of some age difficulties as he aged. Without any male rhino alive, it is safe to say that the white rhino population will come to an end soon.

But, there is also good news as to safeguard the white rhino from cessation; scientists worldwide are developing embryos so that the two left white rhinos can give delivery and expand the population of white rhinos. So there is still hope. There have also been strict actions taken to conserve the white rhinos from getting murdered or chased.

What are the explanations that the white rhino comes so close to extinction?

The white rhinos have come near to extinction mainly because of humans and humanity.

  • Hunting in earlier times, such as the colonial era, is the main factor of the endangered lineage of white rhino.
  • Another explanation is the unjust killing of white rhino for their body parts. The white rhino is not fierce, which made the white rhino easier to get killed by the illegal hunters. 
  • In the initial times, the rhino was also used as an indication of social status, and it was also used to make medications that made them vulnerable and killed.


In the end, for now, there are only two white rhinos left on this planet which is terrible news. The cessation of any creature causes dangers and harm to Earth. One of them is known as the mother, and the other one is known as her daughter. Furthermore, there is no male white rhino active on the planet as the last male rhino known by Sudan, who expired because of some age complications in 2018.

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