What Is The Address For Where I Am Currently?

Are you out somewhere and confused? Confused with a tricky question like, what is the address of where I am? You Are Not Alone! Every one of us, at some point, has had this existential crisis.

One can only imagine how confusing it gets, especially not knowing the address of your location in a foreign country. 

With not much communication with local people, how are we supposed to know what is the address for where I am currently? 

This question can have a very simple answer to itself. The answer is you go on to certain sites available on the internet. 

These sites are extremely reliable and helpful for finding your current address. Let’s look at all of this in detail in the article below.

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What are various methods of knowing an address?

There can be various traditional methods of knowing an address. First, of course, you can try to go to the local people and ask for the address of the location. But what if you are unable to communicate? It will be very difficult! 

Show the best way, and probably the easiest one is by utilizing the internet. Following are the few websites that you can visit and benefit from. They help you find your address,

Google Maps

    1. It is another one of the applications that are provided by Google.
    2. The sole purpose of it is to provide a mapping platform on the internet. 
    3. Various entities are provided by Google maps. Some include satellite images, maps of the streets, your current location, traffic conditions to your destination, etc. 

My Location: Where I Am

    1. My location app lets you know your current location as well as lets you share it with other people. 
    2. The format of the address provided at my location shows you with latitude as well as longitude. Followed by the address. 

What My Location

    1. This is a site present on the internet. 
    2. There are no specific available apps for What My Location. 
    3. A very useful website to track your current location. 


    1. The act provides you with exclusive shortcodes. This can be a very significant exchange for the long address.
    2. There are audio route guides present.

What is the address for your current position?

The address for your current position includes all of the following,

  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Street name
  • House No. (If you are in an indoor location)
  • Landmark
  • City
  • State
  • Country

How is keeping handy the address of your current location helpful?

Keeping handy your location and address is helpful because,

  • Knowing your location helps you be in control and not stressed over small things. 
  • You can share your location with your friends and family, making it convenient for them to trace you. 

Table mentioning apps and sites

Table enclosing some very common available apps and sites for finding the address for your current location. 





Google Maps 


No specific website, redirecting to the app is provided at www.google.com 

My Address

My Location – Where Am I

You can reach the website at the address, https://where-am-i.org/my-location-app.php 

What My Location

(No App)

This site can be reached at this address, https://whatmylocation.com 


Pataa – Address Made Simple

You can find the website of Pataa at the web address, https://pataa.com  


It can be extremely tiring and straining to go out there and explore the old methods of finding an address. We do not have to do that, especially in the age of technology. You can now know where you are at the ease of a few clicks here and there. This is all covered in the article above. 

We will not have any trouble finding where you are and the address to the place once the complete article has been read.