What Is West Virginia Minimum Wage?

The minimum wage in West Virginia in the current year is $8.75 per hour. But the minimum wage in West Virginia differs from time to time. It depends on the total wage earned by a particular resident in West Virginia. To get an appropriate answer to the above-mentioned questions, we need to learn a few basic things about the law system and the wage system in West Virginia.

What is West Virginia Minimum Wage and How Employees are Paid:

  • In West Virginia, there are two types of wage systems. One is considered the State minimum wage and another is known as the Federal minimum wage. 
  • Federal minimum wage: The amount of wage covered under this Federal minimum wage system, is slightly lower than the amount of wage covered under the State minimum wage system.

According to the laws, only those employees can get the wage who are working as labourers at any place and the total number of employees working there does not exceed six.

  • State minimum wage: The amount covered under this wage system is higher than the amount covered under the Federal wage system.

According to the laws of this wage system, all those employees can get the State minimum wage as long as they are working for a company or at an office and there are more than six employees, working at a time.

The System of Federal Minimum Wage in West Virginia:

  • According to the rules, the employee can get the Federal Minimum Wage but that will be much less than the State minimum wage that an individual can get access to.

The employee will get the Federal minimum wage and also a bonus. But the sum of these two will be equivalent to the amount of the total minimum wage that a resident of West Virginia can get.

How can A Person Earn more in West Virginia?

  • West Virginia is a place where the rules and regulations about the minimum wage system are very strict. Each individual working there will get their wages on time.

But sometimes people need more money and there are multiple opportunities to earn more in West Virginia. 

  1. People can find multiple opportunities and workplaces where they can work overtime and get paid accordingly.
  2. People can also opt for various part-time jobs there to earn a little more.