How To know The Resolution Of Your Screen?

Are you still unable to figure out What is the resolution of my screen? Does the question keep haunting you? We understand how important it can be for you to have proper knowledge of the screen's resolution. However, I don’t want you falling back on the resolution provided by your screen, right?

This article will provide you with some very simple steps to get access to your screen resolution. So, dive in and find the answer to your question, “What is the resolution of my screen?”

What does one understand by the resolution of a screen?

Your computer screen and the image available on it are a result of millions and thousands of pixels working together. The image finds its existence by the process in which, screen tries to change the colors of these pixels to give forth a beautiful image. 

Now screen resolution plays the part of acknowledging you of the number of pixels present, both vertically and horizontally, on your screen. An example of screen resolution and how it is usually written is,


1920 (count of horizontal pixels) x 1080 (count of vertical pixels)

Check The Below Video To Know Screen Size vs Screen Resolution

How does the screen resolution benefit you?

The screen resolution benefits you in your work. When you have a good screen resolution, you will find yourself being able to get sharp images of the data on your screen. This gives you a better experience at working. 

It is beneficial for working but watching movies and surfing the internet is also a lot more fun. 

Is a screen with greater resolution better?

Yes, it is better. Why? Read the points below,

  • You are provided with extremely detailed images. 
  • Higher resolution gives clarity, and a clear mind is more receptive to productive thoughts. 
  • You will be able to enjoy every game and movie available to its best potential. 

What are the disadvantages of having a low-resolution screen?

The disadvantages of having a low-resolution screen are,

  • The details from the images displayed on your screen are blurry or bland.
  • Your quality of enjoying any game or movie drops down. You might not even find the movie to be interesting! 

Table for various screen resolutions

The below table will help you get acquainted with various screen resolutions,



Image size in megapixels


SD (Desktop)



Ultra HD (4k)



Retina display (iPad)



MacBook Pro



Ultra-sharp DD (Dell)



What is the resolution of my screen?

You might not be a high-end engineer or gamer, but knowing your screen resolution will only do you good. So, why wait? Follow the points (Applicable for Windows 10) below to understand the resolution of your screen,

  • Go to the search bar.
  • Now type – Display Settings
  • When found, take your cursor to the display settings and click. 
  • This will open the Display Settings for your PC.
  • The next step includes locating the option named Scale and Layout. 
  • You will be met with a drop-down box for resolution.
  • You will get many options, and one will display Recommended. The recommended resolution is the resolution of your screen. 

Note: Your screen cannot exceed a resolution that has been recommended. It starts to lag. You can still try the resolutions lower than the recommended. They’ll work smoothly.


All the steps necessary for checking your screen resolution are mentioned very clearly in the article above. Nice points will help you understand and apply the best resolution for you and your system. Therefore, reading an article as such is very important!