How Many Livers Do We Have?

Have you ever seen something more interesting than a human body? I sure haven't. It is too deep to understand the depth of every body part. To have questions related to the human body is obvious. For example, how many livers do we have? If you are a person interested in the human body and want to know how many livers do we have, then do read this article.

How many livers do we have?

The answer is that we have only one liver in the body. Yes, that’s right. I always thought we had two, and maybe you had the same confusion as well. The liver is divided into four lobes, and what’s interesting is that this seems like an anatomical separation as all the four lobes of the liver perform the same functions. It will be right to say that all the parts of the liver help to complete each other’s tasks, which is a win-win for the human body.

Also, the human liver is divided into the right and the left part based on the direction of the falciform ligament. We cannot feel the liver in the body. Why? Because it is protected or covered by the ribcage. 

Why don’t we have two livers in the body?

We have two ears, two hands, two legs, two kidneys but only one liver. Why? Isn’t it unfair?

There is no ontological reason behind it, as it is mainly due to the evolutionary characteristics.

The liver is expensive on a metabolic budget. Also, many of our body parts are paired due to symmetric signaling procedures during embryonic development, and the liver in the embryo is central. 

Also, the lobes in the liver can take care of all the functions easily, so having only one life is not a problem as long as you take care of it.

Is life without the only life we have is possible?

The answer is a complete no. If the parts of the liver are working, then there is a possibility of survival, but if you come in contact with liver failure, then you will not be able to survive for a longer period. The interesting part is that even if the liver in your body is damaged, it can still grow back. Isn’t it so cool? The liver is the only body part that can grow back. Also, more than 29% of the liver can grow to its previous stage.

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