How Many Bananas Can I Eat In A Day?

Feeling hungry after work out or feeling hungry but not having anything in the fridge other than bananas? How many bananas can I eat? Am I eating enough bananas, or am I eating less? Are these questions stuck in your mind? Then sit down and read this article.

How many bananas can I eat in a day?

The answer is that you can eat about only two bananas per day. Isn’t it surprising? Bananas are the lowest price fruit that is popular in every Indian family and also popular around the world. Bananas contain potassium, fiber, and vitamin C, which make up many nutrients for a day. It includes very few calories and benefits in losing weight if taken in the right amount. 

Not only parents but some surveys that were conducted suggest that the women who are aged nineteen and between thirty and the males who are aged nineteen and above should consume two bowls of fruit daily, which means two bananas a day for a healthy diet and healthy life.

Why can’t I eat more than two bananas in a day?

Eating any product or fruit more than the required quantity can cause harm to your body. In the same way, eating too many bananas can cause harm in the following ways.

  • Too much intake of bananas can cause weight gain problems which then lead to other problems as well. 
  • Secondly, too much eating of bananas means too much intake of potassium, which can also cause problems.
  • Thirdly,  eating more than the required bananas can cause problems such as headaches, fatigue and can lead to tiredness.

  • Eating many bananas can also lead to damage to the nervous system.
  • It can also lead to high sugar content, so it is advised to eat it fairly.
  • The intake of bananas also depends on vitamins and minerals a body requires, but moderation is still key.


In summary, you can eat about two to three bananas maximum in a day. Eating more than the required bananas per day can cause difficulties like fatigue, drowsiness, exhaustion, bad nervous system, headaches, weight gain, and many more. Bananas are the most loved, most preferred fruits worldwide, but sometimes eating much of a loved fruit can make you not eat it in the future anymore, so do take the required amount only for a prosperous life and do enjoy one banana a day. 

I hope this article will be helpful to you.

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