It’s All About The Art Of Crocheting

Crocheting can be referred to as knitting. Twoedles are used to knit in knitting, but while crocheting, you only need one needle.  Crocheting is an art that requires a lot of practice to become a master. Only the people who practice it from their childhood become masters in it because it is not an easy thing and takes a lot of time, concentration, and effort to learn. 

This technique makes many clothing products like socks, sweaters, coasters, and many more things. For the socks and sweaters, you have to need them in different parts and then join them together, and for the coasters, they can be made all at once in one go. The products made from these techniques are absolutely beautiful because the design that comes by using this technique is very good, and it makes that particular thing very beautiful.

As crocheting is done with only one needle, you need to start by making a circle, and this circle is known as the magic circle because all the magic happens while making this circle. Now you might be wondering what the magic circle in crocheting? Do not worry because here we will tell you everything about the magic circle.

Check The Below Video To Know How To Crochet - The Magic Circle

The magic circle is nothing but the starting point of the piece you are making. This means to make any clothing product by crocheting. You first need to make the magic circle and then do the further work. The magic circle is very difficult to make, so make sure you pay attention to it while making it.

How To Make The Magic Circle In Crocheting?

  1. To begin with, you will need a crocheting needle for crocheting.
  2. The crocheting needle is small and has a little pointed groove on one side, which helps in securing the wool thread in one place. 
  3. Now that you have your crocheting needle and your wool take the wool thread and make a loop on your hand.
  4. Now pass the crocheting needle through the loop, and bring the thread along the loop you created. 
  5. When you do this back and forth again and again, it will create a design. 
  6. You can move your needle in different ways to create a new design every time, or you can also repeat the same technique that will create the same pattern.
  7. If you are a beginner and do not know how to make different patterns or how to move the needle the correct way, you can take the help of videos that are available online. 

This is one of the ways of making a magic circle in crocheting. But if you do some research online, then you will find many ways and techniques in which you can do it to make different yet beautiful designs. 

Now by reading the above content, you might have got the idea about crocheting and its magic circle. You can give it a try because it is a good hobby.