What time does sams club closed?

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What time does sams club closed? Sam’s Club opens at around 10 am and closes at around 8 pm at night. But, if you want to go shopping, that section will be open for you from 8 am in the morning. But, the closing hours remain the same – 8 pm.

Sam’s club is actually owned by Walmart, and it came into existence in the year 1983 in Oklahoma, USA. You need to sign up for the membership to get various advantages like early shopping access etc. Kathryn McLay is the CEO, and Sam Walton is the founder of this American chain of retail warehouse clubs.

Sam’s club gives off bulk products at a very reasonable rate, and you will get all your daily requirements under one roof, ranging from clothes to groceries.

This article is exclusively for the people who are looking forward to becoming a plus member of Sam’s club. You will get an overview of the hours the club will remain open for the plus members and the various other advantages that the plus members will get to enjoy.

How To Become A Sam’s Club Plus Member?

Becoming a plus member in Sam’s club is very easy. All you need to do is pay an annual fee, and you are set for the entire year! The advantages of becoming a plus member are innumerable. The cost of becoming a plus member as of 2021 is $100. It is a very small amount as compared to the number of benefits that comes along with it.

Things That Are Included For The Plus Members Of Sam’s Club:

If you get the plus member subscription, it will be beneficial for both you and your family. Imagine enjoying free shipping charges for every order you place online! It does not matter how much you shopped for.

Even if you have shopped for only $20, your order will still get delivered without any shipping charges. Of course, you may tip the delivery person as you wish, but that is completely your choice!

Do you love cash back? Whether you are just picking up your order or you went to the store, Sam’s club promises every plus member a 2% cashback on every shopping. So now, you can indulge in guilt-free shopping every month! Sadly, you will not receive a cashback for window shopping yet.

You may find pharmacies inside certain Sam’s Club stores. Besides getting a few generic prescriptions absolutely for free, you will also get a 30% discount on certain medicines, and more than 600 medicines are only for $10!

If you have power in your eye, the plus membership will give you a benefit of a 20% discount on various frames. In addition, if you order contact lenses online, you will not have to spend a single penny on the delivery charge.

Difference Between Being A Regular Member And A Plus Member Of Sam’s Club:

Sam’s Club offers two kinds of membership to their customers: the basic or the regular membership and the premium or the plus membership. Below are the basic differences between being a regular member and a plus member.

Regular member at Sam’s club

Plus Member at Sam’s club

  • You need to pay $45 annually.
  • Less number of benefits.
  • A regular or basic member can upgrade themselves at any point in time by paying only a particular amount depending on when they are applying for plus membership.

  • You need to pay $100 annually.
  • Many benefits are given to the plus members.
  • It is an upgraded plan itself.

Store Hours For Plus Members:

Plus, members can pick up their orders, escaping the regular crowds at 7 am from Monday to Saturday and from 10 am on Sundays.

Want to see how you can shop at Sam’s club? Watch this video.