Enjoy That Lip-Smacking Taste Of Famous Chinese Dish

Tasty and delicious American Chinese dish that comes with healthy ingredients

American Chinese cuisines are gaining worldwide popularity. The latest addition in the exhaustive list of Chinese menu is Chop Suey. Most food outlets, hotels, and eateries in the USA and Canada serve hot and spicy Chop suey and quench the hunger.

Eating Chop suey will be a stomach-filling experience. People who are new to the world of Chinese cuisines may carry a question – what is chopped suey? It is a famous dish that originated in the Chinese province of Guangdong and was later introduced in the USA.

So, what exactly is chopped suey. It is worth noting that chopped suey is a tasty American Chinese dish prepared using meat, vegetables, sauce, and rice or noodles. American kids regularly visit nearby food outlets and eat a plate full of chopped suey dishes made from rice or noodles. Even adults eat the chopped suey served in reputed hotels in the USA.

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Origins of chopped suey?

Chop suey dish was first prepared and introduced by Chinese Americans who migrated to the USA in 1890. There are stories about the origins of chopped suey, and it is still not clear where it was first cooked and served.

There is also a story that Li Hongzhang, Marquess Suyi, a famous Chinese politician who traveled extensively, visited the USA in 1896. One of his cooks prepared chopped suey and served it hot to American diplomats. The name of this dish also appears in a famous article, ‘The Brooklyn Eagle’. This article states that Chopped suey is a national dish in China.

Is chopped suey good for the gut?

If someone asks you – what is chopped suey? You will be in a position to explain in detail only when you prepare this dish in your home. Millions of people in China regularly prepare and eat chopped suey now and then.

It is an easily digestible food and can be prepared within a short duration of time using minimum ingredients like onions, spring potatoes, a slice of meat (pork, chicken, beef, mutton, and fish), and noodles. Hotels and restaurants prepare chopped suey using rice and serve it hot to customers.

How to cook American chop suey?

Unlike Chinese chopped suey, the American chop suey is made with ground beef, tomato sauce, and macaroni. Italian Immigrants who settled in the USA popularized this famous dish. You must add onions or garlic, tomato pieces, salt, condiments and garnish the mixture for few minutes before serving it hot on plates.

It is a dish with both adults and youngsters. You will like the taste, flavor, crispiness, and aroma and ask for more. Children can carry this dish to school and eat it during lunchtime. Office goers can quickly prepare this dish using minimal vegetables, meat, and condiments and take it to their workspace.

Vegans can prepare chop suey using raw vegetables, noodles, coriander leaves, onions, and condiments and serve it hot to family members. It will not hurt your abdomen since it is easily digestible food. You can also add chilies powder to get that rich taste.