President Impeached: Learn What It Means!

A President being impeached is nothing of regular existence. But it still exists. So, what does it mean when a president is impeached, becomes a very important question! Any misconduct by the president under the judiciary system is called president impeachment.

Are you among the people who have heard, a president has been impeached? But, you are not sure what it means? Welcome Aboard! We will throw light on what does it mean when a president is impeached. 

This question might trigger your old memories and new ones. That’s because not only currently but throughout history various presidents have been impeached. 

What does it mean when a president is impeached can be a very difficult question. Especially when you have no idea of the mere word impeachment. 

We will be very sure to cover all the topics that will be included in the meaning of a president being impeached.

What is impeachment?

Any misconduct by the federal officers, president, or the vice president of a country, is brought to light by the Judiciary system in the process of impeachment. Immediate effects of having proved the impeachment results in removal of the officer from the position assigned. 

What does it mean when a president is impeached?

The meaning of the president being impeached is, the president has been charged for misconduct against any constitutional acts. The misconduct can include the act of bribery or crime, click and check more about it.

What is the history of Impeachments on Presidents?

Here are the Presidents in history who have at least once been impeached,

  • Andrew Johnson 1865 – 1869

Andrew Johnson, the 17th US President also gained his popularity as the first-ever President to have faced impeachment. The year he was impeached was 1868. Surprisingly the impeachment was declared out of order, in the same year (1868).  

Andrew Johnson was impeached for his act of suspending Staton as the Secretory. This act of his violated the act Tenure of Office (Congress Passed) of the year 1867.

  • Richard Nixon 1969 – 1974

Richard Nixon, who served the country as president from 1969 to 1974, had to face impeachment in the year 1974.  He was the 37th American President. The impeachment procedure on him was brought to rest in 1975. 

Three articles were given the green flag by the Judiciary Committee for impeachment by Richard Nixon. The articles pointed out obstruction of justice, contempt of Congress, and power abuse against Richard Nixon. 

  • Bill Clinton 1993 – 2001

Bill Clinton, the 42nd president of America, was impeached in the year 1998. He served the nation for the tenure of 1993 to 2001. His impeachment continued till the year 1999 when this impeachment heard the final verdict. 

Impeachment on former President Bill Clinton arose from the lawsuit filed by Paul R Jones for sexual harassment against Clinton. This was also supported by the denial testified by Clinton regarding any sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky (White House intern). 

  • Donald Trump 2017 – 2021

Donald Trump, also known for being the 45th American president, made his place into the headlines, by being the first-ever President to face two impeachments. The impeachment tenure for Trump has been from 2019 to 2021. The recent impeachment of Trump was in the year 2021. 

He has been impeached for inciting violence against the United State government. 

Table Representing the History of Impeachment for former presidents 



Name of the President

Years Active

Year of Impeachment

(Beginning – Ending)

Which American President? 


Andrew Johnson

1865 – 1869

1868 – 1868



Richard Nixon

1969 – 1974

1973 – 1974



Bill Clinton

1993 – 2001

1998 – 1999



Donald Trump

2017 – 2021

2019 – 2021



When a president is impeached it simply means that they have to be trialled for the charges of misconduct that have been put against them. In case of being found guilty, immediate removal from the position is made mandatory. 

Frequently asked questions

  • What impeachable offences can a President be trialled for in the Judiciary system?

The impeachable offences for which a President can be trialled are power abuse, obstruction of Congress etc. 

  • How many impeachment trials have already commenced in the past? 

Four impeachment trials have already been commenced on the past Presidents of the United States. 

  • What commences when the president is deemed convicted?

The president is removed from office from immediate action.