What does pooched mean

Poached and Pooch may look similar. But both convey different meanings. 

Most of the time, the word pooch is confused with the word poach. It is imperative to note that the ‘pooch’ and ‘poach’ are two different words that convey various meanings. Now, you may ask a question – what does pooched mean in the English language?

The word pooched means protruding and bulging outside. An example of pooched is George’s fluffy stomach pooched outside when he wore pants. If a small boy is too tired or lazy, you can call as pooched. It conveys various meanings like laziness, protrusion, and bulging.

Is pooch a dog in the English language?

Pooch is also slang for the dog. If someone states, “don’t allow your pooch to wander in the night.” It means he requests not to allow your dog to wander outside. The word pooch first appeared in a US Publication in 1913. A soldier walked with his pooch after harnessing it with neck-straps. The exact origin of the word is still not confirmed.

In the USA, the word pouch is used as a pooch. If your friend is asking your pooch, then you must not show your dog. Then you should offer him your pouch.

How is the word pooch handled in the English language?

Look at the way the word pooch is formed in the following sentences.

– The dog pooched its tongue outside.

– Give me your pooch today. I will return it tomorrow.

– Your pooch is loitering on the street.

– He has a pooched belly. I think he eats a lot.

– A pooch of excess fat that appears on your abdomen

The past participle is pooched, the present participle is pooched, past tense is pooched, and pooches are third-person singular. So, for example, a knife is pooching outside means a knife is protruding out and posing as a threat.

How the word pooched is used in games?


Alan pooched a short kick, and the ball landed inside the net. The word pooched is used in games like football and baseball. 

Alex pooched the football and fell to the ground. Football commentators have popularized the word pooched.

In 1932, The Pooch, a short comedy movie, was released, and people who watched this movie enjoyed the storyline.

A long list of sentences that contain word pooched is listed below.

– Stephen pooched out his lips with disappointment.

– Bake for 30 minutes till pancake pooches out.

– The model is carrying a little pooch in her hand.

– Buy biscuits for your cute little pooch.

Mongrel breed is popularly known as a pooch. It sells fast since there is a massive demand for this breed.

The words poach and poach may look similar. But they are not. It is imperative to note that poaching means trespassing to the restricted area or confinements. Poaching also means cooking eggs without shells.

If you write poach instead of pooch, then the sentence will convey a different meaning. Proofread your writings before publishing them.

The bottle was pooched yesterday. I can’t drink water. Here, the word pooch conveys a different meaning. It means the bottle broke into pieces. The product is pooched, and it is beyond repair.

No one can use it. It means the product is useless and no one can use it.

Students should start writing sentences using pooch to gain mastery. You may get these types of challenging questions in TOEFL exams, MBA entrance, and GATE exams. Now, if someone asks you a question – what does pooched mean? You will be able to answer it immediately.

Students preparing for competitive exams will benefit when they start using pooch and pooched in the sentences. You can download the online dictionary and get the meanings of pooch.