How many kbps in an Mbps?

What is life without the Internet? Are you a person who is interested in knowledge related to internet speed? Or a person who wants to know how many kbps are there in an Mbps? Then grab on to your seat because this is the article you need to read.

How Many kbps are there in Mbps?

The answer is that there are about 1000 kbps in an Mbps. The kbps stands for kilobit per second here, and Mbps stands for megabit per second here. So how is this an answer?

So a megabit equals 1000 Square 2 bits, and 1 kilobit equals 1000 Square 1 bits. One megabit equals 1000 kilobits, and one megabit/second = 1000 kilobits/second, making 1 Mbps equals 1000 kbps. Hence, verified.

In some cases, it will also show that there are about 125kb/s for 1 Mbps which is also right. So don’t get confused. The answers on various sites will also show you that one Mbps should be equal to 1024kbps which is also the right answer.

Things to keep in mind about kbps in an Mbps. 

A small unit like Mbps and kbps can be confusing sometimes. Do read the below-mentioned points to get rid of confusion.

  • There might be some confusion while calculating the kbps and Mbps because of the similar bit and byte. One byte is 8 bit which should be kept in mind to not mix with bytes.
  • A 100KBps download is much faster than a 100 kbps download.
  • You have to be sure about Mbps and kbps because one Mbps equals 1000 kilobits, but one Mbps equals 128 KBps. Why? Because small b means bits and big B means an eighth of a byte. So you have to make sure what speed connection you want.
  • A big B in KBps and MBps will provide you much faster internet connection than a small b.


In summary, there are about one thousand kbps in an Mbps. The answer can differ if there is a difference in capital B, as Big B means fewer kilobits and a fast-speed internet connection. I will recommend you to always go for KBps rather than Kbps. Other than that, I hope this article provides you all the information you need, and I hope this article will be helpful to you.

Thank you.