How Many Grams Of Pasta Per Person?

Who in this world doesn't like dishes like pasta? I can have pasta every day, and I am not even joking. But how many pastas can you eat in a day? That is a real question to think about. If you are a person who loves pasta and want to know how many grams of pasta per person? Then grab a seat and read the whole article.

How many grams of pasta per person?

The answer is that you only required about fifty-six grams of pasta that is about two ounces per person. Isn’t it amazing how less of a quantity is required for one person?  The amazing part about pasta is that you can serve it on any occasion you want and with any side dishes you want to serve it with. 

Also, in countries like Italy, where pasta is famous, 80gm of pasta might be served in restaurants, but in a family of four, a whole packet of 500g of pasta is made with love. 

The factors on which the gram of pasta per person depends.

  • The grams of pasta per person also depend on the factors such as what kind of meal you are having? For example, if you make pasta for the main course, you will require about 100 grams. If you eat a lot, 100 grams will be sufficient for you, but if you are a light eater, the gram may vary from 40g to 50g. 
  • The grams of pasta per person also depend on the type of sauce you are using and also the kinds of food products you are making it with, and also on the type of meal you are serving it with.
  • If you are serving pasta with a main dish, then about 70-80gram is more than enough.  Adolescent eaters might also need about 150g to 200g at night as people are usually really hungry.

Also, please do not make more pasta than required because pasta only tastes well when it’s hot and fresh; otherwise, it is not worth it.


In summary, you need about 60g on average for making pasta per person. The gram of the pasta also depends on factors such as what kind of dish it is served as, for example, main course, what kind of dishes it is being served along with, what kind of sauce is added to it, and also on the eating capacity of a person. I hope this article will be helpful to you.

Thank you.