How Many Volumes Of Demon Slayers Are There?

It is a very common question asked by anime lovers, the demon slayer is a famous Japanese manga series written beautifully by Koyoharu Gotouge. The genre of the famous series includes adventure, dark fantasy, and martial arts. However, the demon slayer consists of 23 volumes and follows the story of a young boy named Tanjiro Kamado, whose family has been slaughtered and the younger sister has become a demon.

Demon slayer is one of the best Japanese series that gives complete justice to the manga version. There is a lot to explain when it’s about describing why it is the best series of all time The most likable and funniest characters Tanjiro, Nezuko, Zentisu and Inosuke are in search of Rengoku, who knows about the ability of Tanjiro but the mission in the train ends up making them the protectors from the demon who is attacking the train.

If we talk about the manga, then the writers have given an exceptional storyline, which in ways stands for the manga and if we talk about the visuals of the demon slayer then no other anime could match the level of this one. The makers have given us an animation that stuns our mind, then be the train’s design, the battles are done, or Emma’s fusing body. The animation production must have taken months to create such a concept and characters and visuals and designs to provide the viewers with such excellent and praise-worthy content.

So, if you also want to know in detail about how many volumes of demon slayer are there? Then you must watch this Japanese manga series and know about how well the characters have done and how well their voice and acting suit the purpose. As we know that both the English and Japanese actors always do justice to their roles, it’s splendid to see Tanjiro, Nezuko, Zenitsu, and Inosuke in their funniest moments and on the battlefields.

Besides the main character Tanjiro, there is someone else that might need a bit of praise and that is Rengoku, Kyojuru Rengoku probably known as the flame Nashira, is the kindest, heroic, noble and honourable one as he fights to protect humankind. His perfect smile and acting make him the most desirable supporting character. So, if you want to know the whole story you must see the series, I bet you won’t regret watching it. 

And of course, I am not here to give you spoilers, so why not just watch it yourself and know how many volumes of demon slayer are there?