How Many Chromosomes Does A Person Have?

Isn't it just amazing that the human body comprises so many small units that are responsible for so many bodily functions? One of them is chromosomes. If you are a person interested in chromosomes or if you want to know how many chromosomes a person has, then hold on to this page because this article will tell you about the numbers of chromosomes a person contains.

So, How many chromosomes does a human body contain?

The human diploid cell comprises about 23 sets of chromosomes which counts for 46 chromosomes in the body. What are chromosomes? Most simply, Chromosome contains our genes. Out of these 23 pairs, only one pair indicates to or is known as sex chromosomes. The other twenty-two pairs in the body consist of homologous autosomal chromosomes. 

What is interesting is that the male body consists of about one Y and one X set of chromosomes, whereas the female body consists of about one X and one more X set of chromosomes in the body. The Y chromosome is smaller than the X chromosome, and the similarities between them help to pair just like the others chromosomes. An egg has  22+X chromosomes, and sperm has either  22+X or 22+Y chromosomes.

This one pair of X and Y decides the gender of the child that will be born as YX denotes boy and XX denotes a girl child. Isn’t it amazing how a single chromosome decided our gender? You will be surprised to know that according to the new researchers, all these 48 chromosomes contain about 3 billion base pairs. Mind-Blowing, isn’t it?


Facts about the chromosome in a human body?

  • The twenty-two chromosomes were known as autosomes, and the one pair left is known as allosomes.
  • In some chromosome disorders, the number of chromosomes may vary, as in down syndrome, there will be 45 chromosomes, and in Klinefelter Syndrome, there will be about 47 chromosomes.


There are 23 pairs of chromosomes in a human body which makes 48 of the single chromosomes. Also, twenty-two pairs are known as autosomes, and only one pair is known as allosomes. The one pair of chromosomes are x and y in males and X and Xchromosomese in a female body. I tried to present the chromosome’s information easily in this article, and I hope this article will be helpful to you.

Thank you.