A Brief Idea About Adam’s apple

Do you know what is an adam's apple? Well, it's undoubtedly not an apple stuck in the throat but is a medical problem in the throat. Let's check the blog below to get your answer in detail.

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Adam’s apple is made with extended cartilage around the neck to protect the larynx above the thyroid. It mostly starts developing in males during the puberty stage, and the primary function is to protect the vocal cords behind it. Some people may have it elongated, while for others, it can be an average growth. The bump that it creates in the neck is the brief answer to what is Adam’s apple.

What is the function of Adam’s apple?

In ancient times Adam’s apple name was referred to a boy who had an apple stuck in his thought, after which his voice changed. After medical research, we can see that Adam’s apple does not serve any activity; the cartilage present around the thyroid gland fulfills some adolescent changes, especially in men like,

  • Changes voice pitch
  • It makes the voice deep and sharp
  • Protect the vocal cord 

Facts about adam’s apple:

Adam’s apple is not a new physical concept of medical science, but acceptance with people has been quite challenging. Here are some facts which should solve your queries.

FACT 1-The name Adam’s apple did not originate from bible stories. European writers used different fruits names to justify the cause, like apple pomegranate; while this was happening, Arab medical doctors settled with pomegranate in Latin apple. The change of word resulted in coming out of the world with the name Adam’s apple.

FACT 2- proved to be helpful during breathing emergencies. During any breathing emergencies, the track of bagging option may not always work. In this case, a tracheostomy is inserted through the cartilage to restore breathing.

FACT 3 – severe medical issues as an offset of pain. There will not be any pain in the adam’s apple, but sore throat, swollen lymph are commonly noticeable. It may result in bad breath, cancer, the difficulty of breathing, and more.

Some frequently asked questions are:

Why is Adam’s apple not seen in women?

When we talk about what is an Adam’s apple, we mostly say that it is not present in women. But the fact is that Adam’s apple is present in women also, but it does not expand. Males have extended cartilage, resulting in a deep voice, but women don’t have that facility, so they develop a soothing soft voice.

Why do some people have giant Adam’s apples than others?

As discussed, Adam’s apple is cartilage covering the larynx. When more cartilage develops around the vocal cords, the shape changes and expands, thus resulting in a slightly extended version for some people. It is also the reason why males have a deeper voice than females, as it does not develop in females.

Can Adam’s apple be removed?

There can be a reduction of the thyroid gland in the neck through cosmetic surgery. It is very likely to remove the extra tissue and reshape your gland. The recovery period is almost one week, and it is recommended that the patient knows all the risks and benefits as you cannot cover plastic surgery with any insurance.

Now we know what is an Adam’s apple, and some amazing facts about it are. We hope that the blog will understand why men have deep voices and women have soft voices. We also recommend you visit a doctor before going through any procedure.